Lester A. D'Cruz

Industry Experience

  • Constantly leveraged detailed technical knowledge and broad business acumen
  • Developed products and services by building sustainable relationships with customers and partners
  • Led project teams using active collaboration, pioneering mindsets, and cost conscious design
  • Fast-paced, customer-focused execution of business-critical projects

Management Consulting (Linkedbiz Labs, Sole Prop.)

Executive decision support using detail-oriented competitive strategies for domestic and international organizations (more)

Applied Materials, Inc

State-of the art IC chip manufacturing equipment for Plasma-enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of dielectric thin films (more)

Defense Consulting (Rasor Associates, Inc)

US Air Force and US DoE funded development of  Thermionic Energy Conversion Systems for Space Propulsion Systems (more)

Watkins Johnson Company

New Product and Process Development for the industry-first High Density Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition System (more)

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